So I bought a bag pattern this weekend. It must be a local designer type based on the lack of internet presence and the badly home-color-printed picture. It’s called Whimsical Bag* (but I bought it anyway) by M and M designs. I would never have bought it except that the fabric store had one made and on display and it looked just perfect. Not too big, not too small, and it was made with just 3 fat quarters.

However, about 2 hours into the project, this was me:

The instructions were not clear, putting it lightly. The diagrams stunk. honestly, they created far more confusion than they helped, and in short, the purse was made with a lot of me chewing my lip and concluding: “it couldn’t possibly be this way, let’s put it here and see how that looks instead.” Which as you will come to know, is so not how I roll. Ooh, and the most irritating part is that the cover says: made from just 3 fats. Well, they make a big deal at the beginning about how you need to make sure that each piece is 18×22 exactly. The problem is that very rarely are any facts 18×22. The 18 inches part, maybe. But 22 inches? almost never because fabric simply isn’t really 44-45 inches wide anymore. It’s really closer to 40. So I had to do a little math (which you will also learn that I hate) to get everything to work out.

In any case, it is now finished. Well kind of. According to their instructions, I still need a button, which I am going to go buy today. But they also ljust let the lining free float in the purse, which I hate, so I am going to stitch it down into the seams.

I’ll probably make another now that I’ve made all of my own notations on the pattern.

* I detest the term Whimsical and generally any form of that word in the title of anything is a deal breaker for me. Ick. Here, I made an exception and bought the pattern in spite of its insipid name.