This was an awesome family weekend. We got into the car early Saturday and toodled up to a town about 150 miles from here with the express intention of eating delicious pastries. And we weren’t disappointed. As an added bonus, the little town had a “gardener’s market” going on at the local park, so we headed over and bought garlic and some cheese from a local fromageur. Peanut frolicked as well as she could still wearing her summer souvenir begging mommy to wade with her over an ice cold stream. Oh, and I can’t forget the rickety old wooden bridge that made Peanut’s day.

The best part about the day was simply going where we wanted to as the mood struck us. We haven’t been so unscheduled in a long time. Of course, we were totally beat by the end of the day, but we came home with all manner of treasures: peaches, apricots, watermelon, cantaloupe, and some fabric to bind up Peanut’s sad ratty baby blankets.

Sunday was spent relaxing, watching a little Easter Parade, and making this Twirly Skirt for Peanut, using houseonhillroad’s fabulous tutorial.